July 28, 2010

End of July

It's the end of July and the fence is showing the boundary of the garden to all.

The ponies next door aren't all that pleased
with the prospect of no more escapades into the garden site.

The shrubs and trees in the new windbreak seem to have survived the seemingly endless stream of frosty mornings this year but have welcomed any rain that has fallen. The mulch is keeping the soil around them moist.

Work continues on the fencing with the gates going in soon.

July 7, 2010

June 26th 2010 Working Bee

The students were back on Thursday straining the wires on part of the fence.

Next day it was our turn to do some fencing.

A very cold, drizzly day greeted us.

Jobs on the list included:
- mulching the windbreak trees
- attaching the rabbit-proof fencing mesh
- attending to morning tea and lunch (most important)

Tools were gathered for each job and loaded into the ute for the trip down the hill.

The Mulchers quickly got to work hoeing the ground around the young trees.
It was amazing to note that the soil was beginning to crack as it dried out. This is a sign of what will happen in summer if plantings don't have a significant mulch cover.
Soon it was all mulched then the drippers were turned on and checked to ensure all were clear of mulch and working properly!

The rabbit-proof mesh was rolled out ready to attach.
After a lengthy debate about just how to attach it was a matter of tying about half a million pieces of wire to attach the mesh to the fence wires.
The bottom of the mesh was fed under the bottom wire out along the ground to keep those rabbits out!

We found that placing the camping gas stove inside one of the tank rings that was cut at an earlier Working Bee meant that the billy could be boiled without the breeze blowing the flame out!

Lunch was pizzas on a scone base and biccies and muffins with hot coffee!

No coffee no workee!