April 30, 2011

Plotter's Pleasures April 30 2011

The last Saturday in April it was time for the Plotters Pleasures!!

The Sunflower plants have survived the caterpillar attack
and grown to produce amazing flowers!

All the beds are growing well.
Summer crops are just about finished
and the greens have taken off.

A local gardener who lives close by, wandered up to have a chat, came back later with a bag full of strawberry runners to donate. He helped us plant them in one of the Kiddies tank beds. Thank you so much for your kind donation. We hope to see you soon as a plotter in the garden!

Meanwhile work has begun filling
the three new plots/beds for some waiting members.
See this link for how these Wicking Bed systems are built.

And some new native plants have been purchased
for more windbreak and general plantings.

April 9, 2011

Plotters Pleasures 26 Mar 11

A chilly morning greeted us but the second Plotter's Pleasures was well attended!

The shade covers were moved to the back of the beds
to allow more sun for the plants
but still provide much needed wind protection from the western side.

Eeek!! Something was eating away at the leaves...

...luckily we had some children present
to collect a few and off they went to squish them!!!

Our carpark was nearly full...

...thanks to the local Lions Club
who had accepted our invitation
to join us for morning tea/coffee!