July 22, 2011

July 22 Deliveries

A gradual awakening after a winter lull saw everything spring to life!!!
No it isn't spring yet but things are definitely buzzing around the garden.

The arrival of one of the biggest water tanks around has signalled the beginning of the water harvesting program. The idea is to collect excess water from the Medical Centre's water tank and out buildings and sheds behind the hospital. As these are situated way up on top of the hill we can gravity feed to the tank which will be placed at the highest point on our garden block and use the water around the garden.

Hot on the heels of that delivery was our loo. It is a toilet kit which will be much easier to get through the council system than the original idea of composting toilets...it has worked out much cheaper too.

We have been promised several huge bales of straw too,
the first 2 have arrived.

On the 22nd a few of us got together and cleaned out the shed to make room for some new tools and stuff for the kids.

A cupboard and shelf unit have been donated and a couple more are on their way!
Should allow everything to have a spot of it's own to be put away after use.

Back at the growing beds the winter rains have seen the greens grow well. Time to eat them up to make room for some quick greens crops before the serious spring planting starts in September.

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