September 16, 2014

Spring Seeds 2014

The wonderful folks at Mr Fothergill's have sent a free box of seeds for use at PCG. A few of these have already been sown and it looks like the Tiny Tim Cherry Tomatoes in the middle of the photo (above) are ready to be potted up, just like these Amish Paste Tomato seedlings, in the lower photo, that were recently potted up.
They are living snugly in my greenhouse right now, soon they will be taken outdoors each morning and returned to the warmth each night. Eventually they will stay out all night when the temperature permits ready to be planted into some of the beds up at the Peterborough Community Garden.

Also sown recently and only just beginning to emerge are:
Burpless Tasty Cucumbers
Golden Nugget Pumpkins that grow on a bush instead of sprawling everywhere!
Lebanese Zucchini which produces a grey zucchini
Tonda di Piacenza Zucchini which produces round zucchinis

These seedlings will be shared with the Plotters at one of the Twilight Get-togethers in October.

Hopefully everyone is busy clearing and feeding the soil in their beds in preparation for the coming Spring and Summer growing season.
Here is a link with info on doing just that.
Feeding Soil/Plants in Wicking Worm Beds