March 5, 2010

March 5th 2010 - Working Bee

The call went out for a Working Bee.
The hardwood logs/posts were loaded onto a trailer for the journey from the storage shed. That was better than carrying each one and walking down the hill.
Each of the holes needed to be dug out by hand after previously being dug by the Bobcat in January. Despite a lack of rain the soil was relatively easy to remove.
Only one hole needed to be moved over slightly to allow one of the gates to fit!
Fortunately we had a couple of new helpers on this working bee...even a visitor was roped in to help out for a while!!
With all the hard work a coffee/food break was much appreciated with water boiled on a camp stove and scones and pizzas from home. Yum!
Back to work after the break and the donated tank was cut to make 3 good sized raised bed edges. Power for the grinder and 'nibbler' came from a petrol generator.
As a surprise when the first ring was removed we found a load of plant pots waiting. They had been donated by a kind member of the public who thought they would come in useful in the Community Garden. Thank you very much!

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