May 10, 2010

The Windbreak Looks Closer...

At the May Steering Committee meeting we discussed the possible planting of our windbreak particularly along the existing western fence.
It has been suggested to use milk containers for tree guards.
Note how the tops are cut to allow the stake/stick to anchor the whole thing into the ground so that it can go over the top of hoses/drippers etc.
We would need sturdy sticks for this as our ground is hard. Obviously the bottoms are cut off too!

The milk containers (or other opaque plastic bottles) are easily cut with sturdy scissors.Everyone is now collecting those milk bottles just make sure they are clean when they are stored!!
Get a piece of string (baling twine) and tie it to one handle then thread the other containers on to the string through their handles. It makes storing (can hang them in the shed) and carrying them so much easier!

We have an offer of free mulch from the local council This will be great and keep the water right where it's needed, at the roots of the plants where a dripper delivers it.

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