May 10, 2011

May 6 & 7 Working Bees

Planting began on Friday 6th June with more Old Man Saltbush (Atriplex nummularia) along the rocky eastern 'top' of the garden. Each hole was dug with a motorised posthole digger as the ground is far too hard and rocky to dig by hand.

Each hole was filled with water then the plants were laid out and later planted.
Along the southern and Northern boundary fences a selection of Eremophilas, Acaias, Melaleucas, Eucalyptus and Callistemon trees/shrubs were planted.

Saturday's Working Bee crew got to work adding the irrigation hoses, covering each young plant with a protective 'hat' (see here) and adding a dripper to each plant! Phew there were a lot of plants. Now the are windbreak plantings on each of the fencelines.

The sleeper lined edge of the top layer of the garden has been planted with some tough flowering plants. Rosemary, Lavenders, Pigface, Silverbush (Convolvulus cneorum), Melaleuca and Acacia. These too have drippers attached. As these plants grow they will provide shelter for other herbs and flowers to be planted for beneficial insect/bird attraction.

The other low children's bed has been planted with some leftover Brassica and Parcel seedlings along with some Tree Onions (Walking/Egyptian Onions) which should provide some interest later in the season when these plants flower with their tiny onions instead of petals!!

There will be a quick Working Bee
on Saturday 14th May
to spread mulch around the new windbreak plants.

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